The Governor and Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Are Positive of Corona, The Provincial Government is Led Virtually

anies baswedan

The Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan tested positive for the Corona virus (COVID-19). Even though he was exposed, Anies admitted that he would still lead the meeting virtually.

“I will continue to work leading meetings virtually. Since last March we have been accustomed to working virtually, and there will be no obstacle in policy making process,” Anies said in a release on the PPID Jakarta website, Tuesday (12/1 / 2020).

Anies said that he is currently undergoing independent isolation. The medical team also monitor Anies’ health development.

“After the accordance with the doctor’s direction, I will undergo independent isolation and follow the treatment procedures set by the medical team,” he said Tuesday morning (12/1).

During his independent isolation, Anies lived separately from his family. Meanwhile the family remained in Anies’s private residence.

“I will do independent isolation in a separate place from my family and live alone. Meanwhile the family will remain in a private residence,” he said.

To all parties who have had close contact with Anies to conduct a swab test. Anies said the Health Office team would collect data.

“For people who have met me in the last few days, they can contact the nearest Puskesmas to undergo a swab test. Of course the tracing team from the Health Office will also record and contact my close contacts. All related procedures will be carried out,” he added.

The DKI Provincial Government has decided to close the office Anies used for work. The closure was carried out temporarily.

“The Governor’s office unit will be closed, just like the Deputy Governor’s office has been closed,” said Anies in a video on his Instagram account.

Previously, Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria was also positive for Corona. These results were known on last Friday (27/11).

“My condition is still in good condition and under control,” Ahmad Riza Patria said in an official statement from the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, Sunday (29/11/2020).

Riza carried out independent isolation. The Health Authority also monitors Riza’s health condition.

“As a health procedure that has been established by WHO, every patient who is confirmed positive for COVID-19 must carry out independent isolation and remain under the supervision of health workers, both at the health center level to the hospital,” he said.

From the results of a search conducted by the DKI Health Office, Riza contracted it from the management staff. He reminded us to maintain discipline in health protocol.

“Please pray that we are all in good health. Jakarta is not yet free from the COVID-19 pandemic. Do not hesitate and be afraid to remind the 3M protocol. Continue to increase faith, immunity, and be safe even within our families,” he said.