Indonesia’s Favored Destinations for Foreign Residents and Property Owners

Foreign Tourists in Bali

The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) has recently unveiled an interesting trend in Indonesia regarding the preferred regions among foreign nationals (WNA) for residence or property ownership. Among these favored locales, Batam stands out as a prominent choice.

Iwan Sudijanto, the Director General of Housing at the Ministry of PUPR, shared insights during a presentation at the Regulation Socialization event on Foreigners’ Ownership of Residences, organized by DPP REI.

He revealed that three cities have captured the attention of foreign nationals seeking homes – Jakarta, Bali, and Batam. Interestingly, he mentioned another location, Puncak, which appears to be a hidden gem in this regard.

Delving into the specifics, Jakarta has earned its status as a preferred destination for several reasons. The city has evolved into a vibrant melting pot of cultures and traditions, fostering an open and welcoming atmosphere for its residents, both local and international. Jakarta boasts modern Western-style shopping centers, while its economic hubs are adorned with world-class apartments and luxurious homes.

Furthermore, Jakarta takes pride in offering an array of international schools, particularly in areas with a significant foreign community, ensuring that educational needs are met.

Shifting the spotlight to Bali, this enchanting island has not only secured its position as a beloved tourist destination but also as a hotspot for foreigners desiring to live in Indonesia. Bali’s allure lies in its captivating blend of natural beauty and cultural richness.

With a multitude of foreigners choosing to call Bali home, the island has become a microcosm of global diversity. Here, one can easily savor the flavors of the world, as Bali’s vibrant culinary scene offers an extensive range of international cuisines. The property market in Bali is another draw, with an assortment of affordable yet luxurious villas complete with private pools.

Batam emerges as a distinctive choice among foreign nationals due to its unique attributes. Positioned as one of Indonesia’s principal expatriate hubs, Batam plays a crucial role as a major logistics center. It serves as a home for approximately 700 multinational companies spanning from electronics to shipbuilding services.

One of the standout advantages of Batam is its strategic location, closer to Singapore than Jakarta. This proximity has led to a substantial presence of Singaporean businesses in Batam, establishing a dynamic economic ecosystem.

Additionally, Batam has become a favored destination for Singaporeans seeking weekend getaways to purchase food supplies, underlining the cross-border appeal of the region.