AI and ChatGPT Pose Threat to 2024 Elections, Government Takes Preemptive Measures

ChatGPT Integration Across Various Applications. (photo: Rolf van Root - Unsplash)

The Indonesian government is gearing up for the upcoming 2024 General Elections, but concerns arise regarding potential disruptions caused by artificial intelligence (AI). The utilization of generative AI models, such as ChatGPT, is believed to pose a challenge as it could facilitate the production of hoaxes or false news articles.

Mahfud MD, the Acting Minister of Communication and Information, assures that the government has taken measures to mitigate the spread of hoaxes through AI.

He states, “Preparations have been made for AI and ChatGPT. It’s certain that many hoaxes originate from there. We have prepared everything” during the Digital Literacy event held in Jakarta on Tuesday (13/6).

Mahfud emphasizes the importance of caution and logical thinking, particularly in relation to the elections, whether it be through national mass media or the digital realm. He advises the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) and the general public to remain neutral and urges them to actively monitor digital channels.

Furthermore, Mahfud warns against the rise of a digital dictatorship, wherein the internet, initially a platform for open access and freedom of expression, is exploited by authorities and malicious actors.

This misuse of the internet threatens national security through the dissemination of propaganda on social media and other digital platforms, compromising the sovereignty of the state.

To address these challenges, Mahfud highlights the significance of enhancing digital literacy in Indonesia. He references a report from the Institute Management Development (IMD), which ranks Indonesia 51st out of 63 countries in terms of digital literacy. Mahfud stresses that digital literacy goes beyond mere usage; it encompasses a comprehensive understanding of digital spaces.

Mahfud also recalls President Joko Widodo’s (Jokowi) emphasis on digital human resource development during his second administration. The launch of the national digital literacy program on May 20, 2021, serves as a directive to prioritize the enhancement of digital literacy among all citizens.

In conclusion, the Indonesian government acknowledges the potential risks posed by AI in relation to the upcoming elections. They have implemented measures to combat hoaxes and emphasize the importance of digital literacy to ensure the responsible use of digital platforms.