Passengers Start Leaving Ojek Online After Fares Increase


The government decided to increase the Ojol (Online Ojek) fares as of September 11. Apparently, this policy made passengers start to leave ojol. This is based on the survey results of the Transportation Policy Agency of the Ministry of Transportation.

Chairman of the Indonesian Transportation Society (MTI) Djoko Setijowarno in a written statement, Monday (10/10/2022), said, “With the implementation of the new tariff, some online ojek service users reduce their use and not a few switch to other transportation.”

The public also from survey results stated that the applicable tariff was reasonable (52.32 percent). The reaction to the latest service fee (tariff) chose to keep using 49.76 percent and switch or reduce the frequency of use by 50.24 percent

So far, most people use online ojek from home (70.62 percent) to work (29.57 percent). The farthest distance is 4 – 8 km (41.24 percent) to use it for work/business (57.74 percent).

The survey was conducted to follow up on KM No. 667/2022 concerning Guidelines for the Calculation of Service Fees for the Use of Motorcycles Used for the Interest of the Community Conducted by Application.

This latest survey was conducted between 13-20 September 2022 with a sampling of Jabodetabek residents using online motorcycle taxis with a sampling method of less than 5 percent. A total of 2,655 respondents used online motorcycle taxis and 2,016 online motorcycle taxi partners.

In general, said Djoko, the public does not seem to understand the details of the online motorcycle taxi service fees (fares) that are charged. The adjustment (increase) of online motorcycle taxi fares which almost coincided with the increase in fuel prices is quite felt by the community.

However, some people understand that the fare increase is aimed at the welfare of the drivers.

Furthermore, online motorcycle taxi service users are dominated by men (53 percent), work as private employees (35.40 percent), and the monthly income is below IDR 3 million.

In terms of expenditure, most spent around Rp. 10,000 – Rp. 25,000 (51.41 percent) for ordering online motorcycle taxis and less than Rp. 25,000 (41.47 percent) for other transportation.

Most people admit that the reason for using online motorcycle taxis is because it is more practical (37.29 percent) and faster (32.28 percent).

Furthermore, the most frequently used application was Gojek (59.13 percent), followed by Grab (32.24 percent), Maxim (6.93 percent), InDriver (1.47 percent), and others (0.23 percent). The preferred payment system is cash and electronic money (41.69 percent), electronic money (32.532 percent), and cash (25.69 percent). The highest frequency of using online motorcycle taxis per week is 1-3 days per week (50.24 percent).

Djoko also considered that he actually considered online transportation to be a failed business. drivers often complain and demonstrate.

While online motorcycle taxi drivers as partners will not feel an increase in their income because they are eroded by very large pieces of application facilities.