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Passengers Start Leaving Ojek Online After Fares Increase

The government decided to increase the Ojol (Online Ojek) fares as of September 11. Apparently, this policy made passengers start to leave ojol. This...

Ministry of Transportation Officially Increases Ojek Online Fares

The government through the Ministry of Transportation has officially raised online taxi (Ojek) fares. This policy will take effect on 10 September 2022 at...

Online Ojek Tariff Increase Is Postponed

The Ministry of Transportation has officially postponed the increase in online motorcycle taxi fares (ojek). The postponement is carried out by considering the situation...

New Ojek Online Fares Will Be Effective From August 29

The government has adjusted the new tariff for online motorcycle taxis (Ojek) in Indonesia. In the regulation, there is an increase in tariffs for...

Online Ojek Rates Rise

The government through the Ministry of Transportation has issued a new regulation regarding online motorcycle taxi (Ojek) tariff adjustments. This adjustment resulted in a...



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