Trade Balance Surplus in the First 8 Months Sets a New Record


Indonesia’s economy in 2022 shows intense growth. Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Indonesia’s cumulative trade balance surplus from January to September 2022 recorded the highest record in Indonesia’s history.

Deputy for Distribution and Service Statistics of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Setianto said that the trade balance surplus reached US$39.87 billion or almost US$40 billion.

It means that this achievement increased by 58.83 percent when compared to the same position last year.

“The surplus for the January-September 2022 period is already greater than the total in 2021,” he said at a press conference, Monday (17/10/2022).

In detail, the export value from January to September 2022 was recorded at US$219.35 billion, an increase of 33.49 percent compared to the same position last year.

In the same period, imports were recorded at US$179.49 billion, an increase of 28.93 percent compared to the same period last year.

Cumulatively, Setianto said, the non-oil and gas trade balance recorded a surplus of US$58.75 billion. Meanwhile, the oil and gas trade balance recorded a deficit of US$18.89 billion.

“So the goods surplus is supported by the non-oil and gas commodity balance surplus,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the trade balance in September 2022 recorded a surplus that remained high, amounting to US$4.99 billion. The surplus was obtained from the export value of US$24.80 billion, higher than the import value which reached US$19.81 billion.

BPS noted that the surplus in September 2022 was also supported by a surplus in the balance of non-oil and gas commodities which reached US$7.09 billion, while oil and gas commodities recorded a deficit of US$2.10 billion.