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October Inflation Reached 5.71%

The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) has released data on Indonesia's inflation. In the period of October 2022, month-to-month (mtm), inflation reached 1.66%. This figure...

Trade Balance Surplus in the First 8 Months Sets a New...

Indonesia's economy in 2022 shows intense growth. Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Indonesia's cumulative trade balance surplus from January to...

September Inflation Soars to 1.17%, Impact of Fuel Increase?

Inflation in September 2022 showed an increase of 1.17% month-to-month. Head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Margo Yuwono, Monday (3/10) said that September...

Indonesia’s Trade Balance Surplus 27 Consecutive Months

Indonesia's trade balance recorded a very satisfactory result. Although the national import grew high in July 2022, the export figure was recorded higher. Therefore,...

National Trade Balance Is Predicted Surplus But Decline

The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) will release Indonesia's international trade data for the July 2022 period on Monday (15/7). However, Indonesia's trade balance surplus...

Good News! Indonesia’s Poverty Rate Drops 0.60 Points

The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) reported a decrease in the poverty rate in Indonesia in the period March 2022. Based on BPS data, the...

June Inflation Rises Drastically to 0.61%

Indonesia's Central Statistics Agency (BPS) issued an inflation report in June. Head of BPS reported that June inflation was recorded at 0.61% compared to...



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