September Inflation Soars to 1.17%, Impact of Fuel Increase?

Inflation 2022

Inflation in September 2022 showed an increase of 1.17% month-to-month. Head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Margo Yuwono, Monday (3/10) said that September inflation was the highest since December 2014.

Based on monitoring of 90 cities, BPS noted that inflation was 1.17 percent, the highest since 2014, at which time inflation was 2.46 percent as a result of the increase in fuel prices in November 2014.

In addition, BPS also reported that annual inflation was 5.95 percent. BPS noted that the main commodities contributing to inflation were the price of fuel, rice, and transportation fares within the city.

Margo said the transportation sector contributed 1.08 percent to September 2022 inflation.

“Because of the increase in fuel prices and also in the transportation sector. While it can be reduced by the food and beverage group, tobacco in September experienced deflation,” Margo said in a press statement, Monday (3/10/2022).

He said that the dominant commodities contributing to inflation in the transportation group were gasoline with a share of 0.89 percent month-to-month, urban transportation at 0.09 percent, and diesel at 0.03 percent.

Then, inter-city transportation contributed 0.03 percent to inflation, 2-wheeler rates contributed 0.02 percent, and online 4-wheeled vehicles 0.01 percent.

Margo said the food, beverage, and tobacco groups contributed to deflation of 0.08 percent in September 2022.

These commodities are shallots, red chilies, cooking oil, tomatoes, cayenne pepper, and fresh fish.

Margo added, of the 88 cities that experienced inflation, the highest was in Bukit Tinggi 1.87 percent. The main cause is the increase in gasoline prices by 0.81 percent, rice contributes 0.35 percent, transportation within the city by 0.18 percent, and transportation between cities.

Meanwhile, the lowest inflation in Merauke was 0.07 percent. Meanwhile, the two cities with deflation were Manokwari 0.64 percent, and Timika 0.59 percent.

“The spread of inflation on the island of Sumatra is in Bukit Tinggi 1.87 percent, in Java, the highest is in Kudus 1.65 percent, in Kalimantan the highest is in Singkawang 1.66 percent, Sulawesi is in Palopo 1.74 percent, Bali Nusa Tenggara is in Kupang 1.82 percent, for Maluku and Papua the highest inflation was in Sorong at 1.49,” said Margo.