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Data Transparency as a “Medicine” to Overcome “Inflation”

Inflation data has always been open to the public. This data transparency effort is believed to be a spirit booster for local governments to...

Due to Food and Cigarette Prices, January Inflation Reaches 5.28%

The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) has just released Indonesia's inflation data for January 2023. BPS noted that last month's inflation reached 5.28 percent (year...

2022 Inflation Decreased, Become Evidence of Indonesia’s Post-Pandemic Awakening

Inflation is something that the Indonesian government was afraid of in 2022. Fortunately, the 2022 inflation rate declined faster at the level of 5.51%,...

Indonesia’s Inflation in 2023 Could Decrease But Remain High

Inflation is still a tough challenge for Indonesia. Bank Indonesia (BI) estimates that 2023 inflation in Indonesia could reach 4%. This forecast shows a...

April Would Be the Peak of Indonesia’s Inflation Rate in 2023

The 2023 inflation rate peak is predicted to happen from March to April. This can be seen historically from year to year, where the...

The Inflation Rate in Developed Countries Is Projected to Exceed 9%

World Bank records show that the inflation rate has increased significantly in almost all countries throughout 2022, including developed countries. The World Bank predicts...

November Inflation Declines

Bank Indonesia (BI) updated the latest report regarding the Consumer Price Index (CPI). November 2022 CPI inflation, on an annual basis, was recorded at...

October Inflation Reached 5.71%

The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) has released data on Indonesia's inflation. In the period of October 2022, month-to-month (mtm), inflation reached 1.66%. This figure...

Stagflation Is More Threatening, Not Hyperinflation

Various problems lurk global and national economic stability, such as hyperinflation. Then, what threatens the Indonesian economy? In fact, stagflation is far more dangerous...

September Inflation Soars to 1.17%, Impact of Fuel Increase?

Inflation in September 2022 showed an increase of 1.17% month-to-month. Head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Margo Yuwono, Monday (3/10) said that September...



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