Data Transparency as a “Medicine” to Overcome “Inflation”

Data Transparency as a "Medicine" to Overcome "Inflation"

Inflation data has always been open to the public. This data transparency effort is believed to be a spirit booster for local governments to overcome inflation. This was said directly by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi)

This was said by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), Thursday (9/2). He also admitted that every week the government continues to monitor inflation developments in each region.

According to him, the government will always be transparent in submitting inflation data, such as which regions have the highest and lowest inflation. This data transparency is expected to motivate all parties to work hard against it.

Until now there are still several provinces with inflation rates that are above the national rate. However, the Head of State believes that overall inflation in Indonesia can still be controlled properly.

Furthermore, he said that the decline in inflation rates in the regions and price stability in the market could not be separated from the control exercised by regional leaders.

In addition, he continued, the central government also provides incentives for regions deemed successful in controlling inflation.

“Yes, because this is the role of governors, regents, mayors, all of them continue to check on the markets, not only macro affairs, but micro control, the most important thing is that,” he added.

Meanwhile, regarding food stocks in the market, he again reminded stakeholders that infrastructure is important in order to support the goods distribution process.

“There are 514 regencies/cities, and there are 17 thousand islands, distributing them occasionally. This means that this is a problem of [goods] distribution which is sometimes disrupted in the field. Whether it’s because of the weather, whether it’s because of road conditions, the infrastructure is very important,” Jokowi concluded.