Indonesia Investment Realization Reaches IDR 584.6 Trillion

Investment Realization (illustration)

The national investment realization so far has reached Rp 584.6 trillion. This figure has covered 48.7 percent of the 2022 target of IDR 1,200 trillion. This report was submitted by the Minister of Investment and the Head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), Bahlil Lahadalia.

According to him, the 2022 investment realization target is growing from 2021 which is only at Rp 901 trillion, in an effort to keep Indonesia’s economic growth above 5 percent.

“We have been able to realize Rp 584.6 trillion, equivalent to 48.7 percent. PMA and PMDN are balanced, between 47 [percent] PMDN and 53 [percent] PMA,” he said at the 2022 Investment Service Award, Wednesday (13/10/).

Meanwhile, the investment value was offset by the absorption of direct labor which was recorded at more than 639,000 people.

The Ministry of Investment and BKPM also noted that the largest foreign incoming funds were still from Singapore in the last 4 years. Then followed by Hong Kong, China, America, and European countries that began to invest.

“We also report which countries enter the most, first is Singapore, although I believe this money is not all Singaporean money, some of the money is Indonesian money because Singapore is used as a hub to enter Indonesia,” Bahlil continued.

Meanwhile, for the location of investment from foreign capital, Bahlil conveyed that he was more focused on the Central Sulawesi region than Riau and North Maluku.

Meanwhile, the industrial sector is the highest, mainly thanks to downstream as its export achievements are more than Rp. 100 trillion in 2021.

This condition is also the sweet fruit of nickel downstream which in 2017 was only able to reach an export value of around US$3.3 billion, and in 2021 it shot to US$20.9 billion.

“In 2022, God willing, it will reach US$30 billion because it is from downstream,” he added.