Check the Latest Quarantine Rules from the Kemenhub below! Quarantine Can Only 3 Days


The latest rules regarding the instructions for carrying out foreign travel by air during the COVID-19 pandemic have been updated by the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub). This rule is an updated rule from the Circular of the Covid-19 Task Force Number 9 of 2022.

The government through the Ministry of transportation has re-issued regulations regarding foreign travel. The latest regulations for travelers from abroad also include a reduction in the quarantine period for Overseas Travelers (PPLN) who have carried out complete vaccinations.

“The Circular Letter Number 20 that we have issued is following the circular issued by the Covid Task Force in early March. Therefore, SE Number 13 of 2022 is revoked and declared invalid,” said Director General of Civil Aviation Novie Riyanto in his statement, Sunday (6/3/2020). 2022).

One of the things regulated in the SE relates to the entry point or entry point for Indonesian citizens traveling abroad (PPLN).

Now PPLN can enter Indonesian territory through entry points at Soekarno Hatta Airport in Banten, Juanda in Sidoarjo, East Java, I Gusti Ngurah Rai in Bali, Hang Nadim in Batam, Raja Haji Fisabilillah in Tanjung Pinang, Sam Ratulangi in Manado. and Zainuddin Abdul Madjid in West Nusa Tenggara.

“Especially for PPLN entering Indonesian territory through Zainuddin Abdul Madjid Airport, it must use a bubble system mechanism,” he said.

In addition, the SE also regulates the change in the quarantine period of PPLN from abroad. Now foreign travelers who have just received the first dose of vaccine must be quarantined for 7 days, while those who have received 2 doses of vaccine or booster are only required to quarantine for 3 days.

“The main thing that changes from SE 13 to SE 20 is the 7×24 hour quarantine period for PPLNs who receive the first dose of vaccine, and 3×24 hours for PPLNs who receive the second or third dose of vaccine,” he said.

In addition, PPLN must also show proof of confirmation of booking and payment (booking) for accommodation while staying in Indonesia, and specifically for PPLN foreigners, attaching a short visit visa or entry permit according to laws and regulations, and proof of ownership of health insurance of at least 25,000 US dollars, which includes financing for the handling of Covid-19.
There are provisions for conducting a second RT-PCR test and must report the test results to KKP officers in their respective areas, provided that on the 6th day of quarantine for PPLNs conducting quarantine with a duration of 7 x 24 hours, and the 3rd day of quarantine for PPLN actors who quarantine with a duration of 3 x 24 hours.

Furthermore, a dispensation in the form of exemption from quarantine obligations may be granted to Indonesian Citizens (WNI) PPLN, with urgent circumstances, such as having a life-threatening health condition, a health condition that requires special attention (accompanied by a certificate from a doctor) or grief due to a family member died.

“Nevertheless, they still have to show a negative result of the RT-PCR retest, upon arrival at the entry point for overseas travel, to prevent and avoid the spread of the Covid-19 virus,” said Novie.