The addition of corona cases jumped suddenly as more patients recovered and died. The total number of Covid-19 cases or corona positive patients in Indonesia as of Wednesday afternoon, February 10, 2021 reached 1,183,555 people.

This figure was obtained after the addition of 8,776 corona patients in the last 24 hours. Additional Covid-19 cases in Indonesia today increased by 776 cases from yesterday. Meanwhile, corona patients who were declared cured increased by 9,520 people, not so far from yesterday.

Therefore, the accumulation of recovered corona patients to date has reached 982,972 people.

As for the corona patients who died, this afternoon increased to 191 people, lower than yesterday. Now, the total number of patients who have died due to the corona virus pandemic in Indonesia is 32,167 people.

The remaining 168,416 corona patients are in hospital care and independent isolation (active cases) of the total Covid-19 cases in Indonesia. On the other hand, there were also 77,526 suspected cases of the corona virus in Indonesia.