Government Holds Comparative Study in BSD City to Finalize New Capital Development


The government is not half-hearted in the development of Indonesia’s new capital city. The development will be carried out with very careful preparation, study, and planning. Currently, the government is focusing on the housing infrastructure aspects of the new capital.

Recently, to finalize the concept of a new capital city, the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) again conducted a comparative study in the Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) area in South Tangerang which was developed by Sinarmas Land.

The Director-General of Housing at the Ministry of PUPR, Iwan Suprijanto, said that his party, both officials and teams involved in the preparation of housing plans in the Indonesian Capital City (IKN) conducted a comparative study at Sinarmas Land to study several concepts and strategies as well as developing designs that have been implemented in BSD. City.

The Sinarmas Land project was chosen as the purpose of the comparative study because the development and construction of housing and settlement areas by Sinarmas Land are very good and can be implemented in other areas.

“Good coordination between BSD City developers and the central and regional governments will certainly create an orderly environment while at the same time enabling the people who live to live safely and comfortably,” he said in a press release, Thursday (17/3/2022).

What’s more, Sinarmas Land also adjusts development according to the contours of nature and preserves the environment well.

“We get enough good information from SInarmas Land and it would be very useful for us, the Directorate General of Housing to prepare specifically for the planning and management of housing that we will develop at IKN in the future,” he said.

Last Tuesday (15/3/2022), the Directorate General of Housing saw firsthand the concept of developing the BSD City area on a large model at the BSD City Marketing Office.

In addition, the comparative study participants also carried out field visits to several projects in the BSD Green Office Park area, namely the Sinar Mas Land Plaza Building, Green Office Park (GOP) 9 Building, the control center or command center in the BSD area, CityGrha Unilever, and malls. without the walls of The Breeze.

On the other hand, Sinar Mas Land Head of Corporate Governance & Sustainability Ignesjz Kemalawarta said several programs and policies in development include the stages in the development of the BSD City area from the beginning to the present, the transition of BSD City development towards low carbon emission development and the transformation of BSD City becomes a digital-based city.

“We will study first what Sinarmas Land can do in the development of IKN. IKN development is actually a very strategic stage to balance western and eastern development. This is a very important step in Indonesia’s history so that it can balance development for the community, including the provision of livable housing,” he explained.