Governor of Bali Sets Ambitious Target to Double Tourist Arrivals to 5 Million by the End of 2023

Australian Tourists Dominate Bali's Foreign Tourist Arrivals in March 2023, Followed by Indian and Singaporean Visitors (photo: ANTARA FOTO/Fikri Yusuf)

In an effort to revive and boost the local economy after the challenging times brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, Governor Wayan Koster of Bali has set a bold objective to double the number of tourists visiting the island paradise to 5 million by the conclusion of 2023. This ambitious target reflects the governor’s confidence in the recovery of the tourism sector and the potential for Bali to once again become a sought-after destination for travelers from around the world.

The recorded figures for 2022 indicate that Bali welcomed 2.3 million international tourists (wisman), surpassing the government’s initial target of 1.5 million. Encouraged by this positive trend, Governor Koster remains optimistic that the number of tourist arrivals can experience exponential growth, effectively doubling the figures and reaching the desired milestone of 5 million visitors.

Highlighting the impact of international flights on tourism, Governor Koster pointed out the significant increase in foreign tourist arrivals since the resumption of international flights to Bali in the previous year.

He expressed his confidence that with the reopening of travel and the addition of the Dubai-Bali flights operated by Emirates A380, Bali can further enhance its allure as a preferred destination. The governor commended Emirates for their commitment to Bali and acknowledged their instrumental role in stimulating the tourism sector on the island.

Governor Koster also emphasized the importance of preserving Bali’s rich cultural heritage and called upon tourists to respect and honor the traditional customs that have been cherished throughout history.

As Bali aims to attract more visitors, it remains essential to strike a balance between tourism development and the preservation of the island’s unique cultural identity.

Expressing his appreciation for Emirates’ decision to introduce flights using wide-bodied aircraft, specifically the Airbus A380, Governor Koster recognized this move as a testament to Emirates’ confidence in Bali’s potential as a thriving tourism market. He further expressed his hope that other airlines would follow suit by introducing Airbus aircraft to Bali, thereby contributing to the rapid recovery and sustained growth of the tourism industry.

Governor Wayan Koster’s vision to double tourist arrivals to 5 million by the end of 2023 reflects his determination to restore Bali’s position as a premier tourist destination. With strategic initiatives and collaborations, Bali strives to create a vibrant and sustainable tourism landscape, welcoming travelers from around the globe to experience its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and warm hospitality.