Twitter Blue Has Arrived in Indonesia, How Much Is the Subscription Price?

Twitter Blue Has Arrived in Indonesia, providing some premium features

Twitter’s newest service that offers multiple access, Twitter Blue, is officially available for Indonesian users. The service offers various premium settings and features.

Users will be directed to the Twitter Blue feature when opening the more menu in the Twitter application. Where this feature is marked with a blue Twitter bird symbol and embedded with the letter B in the middle.

Twitter provides two options in the fee list. Users who wish to have the fee withdrawn annually will be charged IDR 104,167 per month or IDR 1,250,000 per year. Second, users who want the fee to be withdrawn every month must pay IDR 120,000.

The unique thing is, Twitter Blue subscription fees via Android and iOS are more expensive than the web. Twitter charges US$8 or around Rp.125 thousand per month for the premium feature via the web.

This price discrepancy can be caused by the cost of applications in the AppStore or Google Play Store borne by each user.

After subscribing, Twitter Blue service users immediately get a series of exclusive features. Including the blue check which previously could only be obtained by famous people, celebrities, politicians, journalists, and influencers.

Some exclusive features will be presented. Users can enjoy the undo button feature, read the news without ads, and read threads comfortably.

Furthermore, this premium feature is also equipped with bookmarking folders, navigating the pages most read, selecting themes, uploading longer videos, and pinning conversations.

This premium feature also makes it easy for users to determine when to send posts, by sending them directly or reviewing them before 60 seconds.

For information, the Twitter Blue feature has been around since 2021 which was first inaugurated in Canada and Australia on iOS, followed by the launch in the US and New Zealand for Android and the Web version in November.

Last January, this premium feature was priced at US$11 per month or around Rp.164 thousand.