5 World Famous Indonesian Foods


Indonesia is famous for its beautiful landscapes, vast seas, many islands, and the ethnic diversity of its people.

Besides the things that have been mentioned above, it turns out that some authentic Indonesian culinary delights have also gone global. These foods have even become favorites in various countries because of their distinctive and authentic taste.

So, what are these foods? Check out the following reviews.


Rendang is a global culinary specialty. This food comes from the Padang area, West Sumatra. Because of the deliciousness of this one-of-a-kind Indonesian dish, rendang managed to reach the top position in the list of the 50 world’s most delicious foods according to CNN international version in 2011.

Rendang is made from beef and has a seasoning made from native Indonesian spices. The manufacturing process is quite taking some time. Rendang meat takes several hours to be soaked in coconut milk to produce tender meat.

The deliciousness of this famous dish is even recognized by Gordom Ramsay, a world-renowned chef.


The next authentic Indonesian culinary worldwide is Soto. This food has various versions in several regions of Indonesia, but overall, the basic ingredients are the same. The basic ingredients for making Soto are various fillings with Indonesian spice sauce.

Soto ayam Indonesia

One of the fans of Soto food outside Indonesia is the people of Ibaraki, Japan. Through food festivals that are often held in Ibaraki, Japanese people get acquainted with this one-of-a-kind Indonesian food brought by several Indonesian students who live there.


The next food is Gudeg. Gudeg is famous for its sweet taste. This food comes from Yogyakarta. It is so favorite in the eyes of the international community, many countries want to import this Indonesian specialty in canned form. There are also restaurants serving Gudeg menus such as the restaurant on Clayton Road, Melbourne, Australia.

Close Up Gudeg.

The main ingredient for making Gudeg is raw young jackfruit. In the process, grated young jackfruit is boiled with palm sugar and coconut milk over low heat for several hours. Subsequent ingredients such as garlic, shallots, candlenut, coriander seeds, galangal, bay leaves, and teak leaves are then added to the mixture. These are the ingredients that give the dish its reddish-brown color.


Tempeh (tempe) is original traditional food from Indonesia and made of soy bean.

Tempe is very famous in Indonesia and abroad. This food is made from fermented soybeans. Outside Indonesia, tempeh is widely loved by Japanese people thanks to the efforts of a Tempe businessman, Mr. Rustomo, who introduced this special food.

In addition to Japan, vegetarians in America also make Tempe as a favorite processed food ingredient because tempeh contains vegetable protein, fiber, and prebiotics which are good for health.


The next food is satay. Sate is made from pieces of beef, goat, or chicken that are inserted into a skewer. Then, the satay is covered with various spices.

Sate is also famous outside Indonesia. This is marked by the emergence of a number of restaurants that include satay dishes in their menus, such as Satay Junction, located in New York.