Indonesia Exports Jamu (Herbal Medicine) to Nigeria

Indonesia Exports Jamu (Herbal Medicine) to Nigeria

The Ministry of Trade (Kemendag) states Indonesian products and herbal supplements are increasingly in demand by the Nigerian people. The Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC), Lagos also believes that herbal products from Indonesia will be promising in the future.

The Ministry of Trade noted Indonesia is the 18th exporter of Jamu in the world. The total value of Indonesian Jamu’s export to the world in 2021 has reached US$41.5 million, an increase of 10.96 percent compared to the 2019 period. The

Head of Indonesian Export Education and Training (PPEI) of the Ministry of Trade, Heriyono Hadi Prasetyo said, based on Trademap data in Nigeria, Indonesia is one of the 15th suppliers of herbal products.

“Nigeria is the largest importer of Jamu in the West African Region, reaching US$1.3 million in 2020. Hopefully, this year and in the years to come, herbal exports to Nigeria will increase,” he said virtually, Friday, July 23, 2021.

Four importers of herbal products and herbal supplements come from the central business cities of Nigeria, namely Lagos, Kano, and Enugu. ITPC Lagos introduces exporters of Indonesian herbs and herbal supplements from Aceh, Bangka Belitung, Jakarta, Central Java, and East Java.

“Indonesian herbal medicine and herbal supplements are products that are highly sought after by the Nigerian people, especially in Northern Nigeria. We hope that there will be more SMEs for herbal products and herbal supplements from Indonesia entering the Nigerian market,” he said.

Head of ITPC Lagos Hendro Jonathan explained, Nigeria is a promising market for Indonesia with a current population of more than 200 million people.

“Consuming herbal drinks or foods’ awareness is also starting to form in Nigerian society. This export opportunity needs to be utilized as much as possible by Indonesian business actors,” said Hendro.