Makassar City Government Officially Implements Ojek Day


The Makassar government has a unique program, namely Ojek Day, starting Tuesday (20/9). All State Civil Apparatus and BUMD employees within the Makassar City government are required to use Ojek Online (Ojol) in their mobility. So what is the purpose of this program?

Makassar Mayor Mohammad Ramdhan Pomanto said the ojol day was deliberately implemented to boost the Makassar economy.

This movement is the first step to restoring the economy, starting with ojol drivers.

“By using ojol on ojol day, I hope that the economic turnaround can be seen more real. We provide space for all public vehicles such as motorcycle taxis to be used by ASN and BUMD employees to go to the office,” said Danny Pomanto.

This Ojol day will temporarily be implemented every Tuesday in Makassar. Furthermore, the government will continue to evaluate its implementation, if it is effective then it is possible to further develop it.

“Meanwhile, once a week we try it first, while we think about what are the shortcomings,” said Danny Pomanto.

Meanwhile, Gojek supports this program. Gojek Sulawesi District Head Adwin Pratama Anas said the ojol day initiative could help driver-partners income, which was also affected by the current fuel price hike.

“This will be good news and appreciation for Gojek driver-partners who have played a role as the logistics and mobility artery of the people in the city of Makassar,” he said.

His party will even present a program to provide transportation relief for passengers. One of them is Gojek providing special promos for ASN who will go to and return from City Hall.

Furthermore, Gojek also issued 20 units of electric motorcycles on this day and ensured that both drivers and vehicles used to deliver and pick up passengers were in normal condition.

One of the ojol drivers, Arianto Arief (36), said he was very happy with this ojol day.

“Our hope is, of course, that this program can be one of the steps that can have a positive impact on our income,” he concluded.