The First Floating Restaurant in Jakarta, Prices Start from Rp. 1.6 Million


Innovation is created by Lounge in The Sky Indonesia. Recently, they attract the attention of Jakarta residents with their floating restaurant innovation. Visitors will be at a height of 50 meters from the ground while eating a sumptuous meal.

Different from the previous countries, Belgium and Malaysia, Lounge in The Sky in Indonesia arranges tables with a 4-4 scheme consisting of eight tables, to maintain the privacy of guests so as not to mix with other groups of guests.

This floating restaurant is located in Mangkuluhur City, Jalan Gatot Subroto, Karet Semanggi, Setiabudi District, South Jakarta City. This location is strategic to enjoy panoramic views of the capital’s skyscrapers.

About 30 minutes before boarding, guests will be briefed by staff on safety procedures. They are also advised to urinate first.

“Before we lift the platform, there will be a thirty-minute reminder for guests to go (to) the restroom (washroom), or use the smoking area (smoking area) because smoking is not allowed above, both regular cigarettes and cigarettes. electric,” said Marketing Team Lounge in The Sky (LITS), Andi Rahmat.

Andi also explained some safety requirements for guests who want to make a Lounge in The Sky reservation.

“For safety requirements, the minimum age is 17 years, the minimum height is 145 centimeters (cm), and the maximum weight is 150 kilograms. If it’s below 145 cm, I’m afraid the belt won’t be too tight,” he explained.

Shortly before boarding, guests are asked to sign a pre-approval agreement, and fasten their seat belts with the help of a technician, to ensure safety while onboard.

Guests sitting at one table can still talk to each other at a normal volume even though they are at a height of 50 meters. They were also entertained by the accompaniment of musical sounds posted by the staff on the platform.

Furthermore, the standard package with the previously mentioned facilities can be obtained starting from IDR 1.6 million per person.

There is also a business package with prices starting from Rp. 2.2 million, with facilities for five exclusive dinner menus and two complimentary drinks.

The most expensive package price offered by Lounge in The Sky starts from IDR 3.7 million.

The package includes a one-night stay in the ARTOTEL Mangkuluhur Deluxe Room and breakfast for two people.