OJK: Local Investors Increase But They Don’t Understand Investment


The Financial Services Authority (OJK) notes that the number of local investors is increasing. This shows that public interest in investment is getting higher. Unfortunately, the number who understand investing in the capital market is not that big.

PT Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia (KSEI) noted that there have been 10 million investors in the Indonesian capital market.

Based on KSEI data as of November 3, 2022, the number of capital market investors referring to the Single Investor Identification (SID) has reached 10,000,628, with a composition of 99.78% for local investors.

“The literacy rate has not increased, meaning that our society does not understand more even though it is an investment,” explained Mahendra in virtual CEO Networking 2022, Thursday (24/11/2022).

Therefore, Mahendra asked the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) to improve so that the quality also increases.

“Let’s create a special program for financial literacy and inclusion, let’s support it together,” said Mahendra.

The level of financial literacy based on the financial services sector in the capital market this year will reach 4.11% in 2022 from the 2019 period at 4.97% and 2016 at 4.40%. Meanwhile, the level of financial inclusion in the capital market rose to 5.19% from the 2019 period of 1.55%.

In response to this, the Indonesia Stock Exchange will seek to increase capital market literacy by carrying out various activities with various parties in all regions of Indonesia.

“So that people’s understanding of the capital market is more even,” said Director of Development for the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) Jeffrey Hendrik to journalists, Thursday (24/11/2022).

In its capital market literacy and education efforts, IDX collaborates with universities and communities, as well as the provincial government so that the Indonesian people can understand the benefits of investing in improving their welfare.

“IDX will cooperate with all components such as universities, community groups, local governments, and of course the help from media friends is very meaningful,” he concluded.