The Payment of Levies for Foreign Tourists to Bali Takes Only 23 Seconds, Check Out How!

Foreign Tourists visiting Bali
Foreign Tourists visiting Bali

Commencing on February 14, 2024, a new regulation will be implemented for foreign tourists visiting Bali. They will now be required to pay a levy of IDR 150,000 or approximately USD 10. The payment process for this fee, as stated by the local Tourism Office, is incredibly swift, taking just 23 seconds. Let’s delve into the details of this new mechanism.

The payment process, according to the local Tourism Office, is facilitated through the Love Bali system, a system set up before tourists enter the arrival gate in Bali.

For added convenience, non-cash payments can be made at designated locations or at Bank Rakyat Indonesia counters, conveniently available at Ngurah Rai Bali Airport and Benoa Harbor.

Tjok Pemayun, a representative, mentioned, “We’ve observed the payment at BRI counters, and the entire process takes a mere 23 seconds.”

This new regulation will also introduce stringent monitoring for tourists entering Bali through various routes, including land, air, or sea. Tjok further emphasized, “If a tourist enters by land and cannot present the QR Code of payment, they will still be informed about this fee collection regulation.”

Non-cash payments can be made at designated locations or Bank Rakyat Indonesia counters available at Ngurah Rai Bali Airport and Benoa Harbor.

Now, let’s break down the step-by-step procedure for paying the fee for foreign tourists entering Bali:

  1. Foreign tourists will be subject to a levy of IDR 150,000 per person.
  2. This fee is a one-time payment during the tourist’s stay in Bali and must be settled before leaving the country.
  3. Payment must be conducted through non-cash or cashless means, utilizing electronic payment facilities.
  4. Access to payment is through the bank designated by the Bali Provincial Government, namely Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI). It’s worth noting that BRI has a history of handling visa on arrival payments at Ngurah Rai Bali Airport.
  5. Payment can be conveniently made by accessing Love Bali before entering the arrival gate in Bali. Here, foreign tourists enter the Love Bali system, input their data, and proceed to make the payment for the foreign tourist levy.
  6. In the case of utilizing the Love Bali system, foreign tourists are required to make a non-cash payment at the designated BRI counter located in the Bali Airport or Benoa Harbor area.
  7. A friendly reminder for foreign tourists to make this payment before departing to Bali, ensuring a seamless experience upon arrival at Bali Airport and Benoa Harbor.
  8. Proof of payment will be efficiently scanned or processed through a scanning device placed strategically after the travel document check when entering the arrival gate.
  9. In the event of any disruptions in the payment system, foreign tourists can still travel to Bali, ensuring they make the necessary payments at tourism accommodation locations.

This levy on foreign tourists aligns with Law Number 15 of 2023 concerning the Province of Bali. This regulation empowers the Bali Provincial Government (Pemprov) to secure funding through levies on foreign tourists visiting Bali, all regulated by regional laws.

The generated funds from this levy, as highlighted by local authorities, will be managed by relevant agencies in a methodical, targeted, transparent, and accountable manner, contributing to the further development of tourism in the region.