DKI Provincial Government Speeds Up Jakarta’s New Concept after the State’s Capital Moves


The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government is in the process of speeding up a new concept of Jakarta after the state capital will be moved to East Kalimantan. This was stated by the Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta, Ahmad Riza Patria.

Riza hopes that DKI Jakarta will not only become an economic center, but also a center for education and health. According to him, the provincial government was given 50 days to work on the latest academic concepts and manuscripts.

Regarding academic manuscripts, experts will be involved in the formulation process. The public is also invited to express their aspirations.

Riza in Jakarta, Thursday (3/2/2022), said, “Whether Jakarta will become an economic center, a trade center, a business city, a financial city or a trade services city, a global or international-scale service city, those are also some suggestions from we have heard about Jokowi. Finally, we have discussed here, we are also trying to be a center for the economy, hopefully, in the future, it can also become an education center or a health center.”

Regarding education centers, he regrets that many now choose to study abroad, such as in Malaysia. In fact, in the past, Malaysians flocked to study in Jakarta. Therefore, a new concept was formed to restore the glory of education in Jakarta.

Furthermore, regarding the future status of Jakarta, many options can be applied. Jakarta can be an economic center, a trade center, a business city, a financial city, a trade services city, an international service city, and an education center.

Riza added, “We want to include this in the 2023 Prolegnas to be discussed in the DPR, there will be stages later, so we will follow the existing mechanism as usual.”

As previously reported, President Jokowi has officially appointed East Kalimantan as the new state capital. This is stated in the State Capital Law (RUU IKN) into law. Ratification was carried out at the Plenary Meeting of the DPR RI, Tuesday (18/1)

The target for relocating the capital city will be completed on August 16, 2024. Currently, the process of moving it is in progress.