The Trend of “Revenge Travel” is Currently Trending, Boosting Bangli’s Local Revenue by 52.10%

The Trend of "Revenge Travel" is Currently Trending, Boosting Bangli's Local Revenue by 52.10%

The revenue generated from tourism fees in the Bangli district, Bali, during the first half of 2023 has achieved an impressive 52.10 percent. This substantial realization of local revenue, known as Pendapatan Asli Daerah (PAD), has been attributed to the emerging trend of “revenge travel” observed in the post-Covid-19 era.

According to I Wayan Sugiarta, the Head of the Tourism and Culture Office in Bangli, the overall target for PAD in 2023 from recreation and sports fees amounts to more than Rp45 billion.

This target encompasses several popular tourist destinations within the district, including the renowned Kintamani tourism area, the captivating Penglipuran tourist attraction, the enchanting Kehen tourist attraction, the captivating Terunyan tourist attraction, and the fascinating Penulisan tourist attraction.

In specific terms, the PAD target for the Kintamani tourism area in 2023 is set at over Rp29.8 billion, while for Penglipuran, it exceeds Rp14.6 billion. Similarly, the targets for Kehen, Terunyan, and Penulisan are more than Rp433 million, Rp166 million, and Rp25 million, respectively, as revealed on Monday, July 3, 2023.

By the conclusion of the first semester of 2023, the realized PAD in Bangli has successfully accumulated over Rp23.5 billion, which corresponds to an impressive achievement of 52.10 percent of the designated target. Sugiarta attributes this exceptional realization to a multitude of influential factors, with the prominent catalyst being the prevailing trend of “revenge travel.”

During the challenging period of the Covid-19 pandemic, travel enthusiasts were compelled to confine themselves to the confines of their homes. However, once the situation improved, tourists swiftly seized the opportunity to embark on journeys and explore new destinations.

The resurgence of travel was further supported by the multitude of public holidays and collective leave periods, which provided individuals with more opportunities to engage in leisure activities and visit tourist attractions, as explained by Sugiarta, who was accompanied by Gede Budiastawa, the Head of the Destination Department.

The dominance of domestic tourists in the Penglipuran tourist attraction and the prevalence of foreign tourists in the Kintamani tourism area serve as visible testaments to the evolving dynamics of the tourism industry in Bangli.

Examining the data on the realization of recreation and sports fees during the first semester of 2023, with a particular focus on the captivating Penglipuran tourist attraction, it becomes apparent that it has achieved a commendable realization of Rp11.6 billion, which accounts for a remarkable 80 percent of the target.

Bearing in mind the remarkable progress in generating PAD, Gede Budiastawa anticipates the possibility of increasing the target during the revision of the regional budget (APBD Perubahan).

He emphasizes that this adjustment is likely to have a substantial impact on revenue collection, with 60 percent of the generated income being allocated to the management of the respective tourist attractions.

The precise details regarding the revised targets and their anticipated increments are still under deliberation and require careful planning to ensure their accuracy and feasibility, as outlined by Budiastawa.

Furthermore, it should be noted that other prominent tourist attractions such as Terunyan, Penulisan, and Kehen will also have their targets adjusted accordingly.

Budiastawa underscores the fact that these three attractions cater to specialized markets, differing from the broader appeal of Penglipuran and Kintamani, which target a more diverse range of tourists.

In conclusion, the realization of PAD in the Bangli district showcases the positive impact of the “revenge travel” phenomenon and highlights the resilience of the local tourism industry. The implementation of revised targets, along with a strategic approach to attracting specific market segments, will contribute to the sustained growth and prosperity of the tourism sector in Bangli.