The Most 5-Star Hotels are Mostly Located in These 5 Indonesian Provinces!

Umana Bali by Hilton
Umana Bali by Hilton (photo: whatsnewindonesia)

Indonesia, with its captivating natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage, has become a magnet for domestic and international tourists. To support the comfort of travelers, various accommodation options are available, ranging from affordable budget hotels to luxurious 5-star hotels. Now, do you know which province in Indonesia has the most five-star hotels? Let’s find out in the following review!

For those seeking unforgettable accommodation experiences, five-star hotels are the answer. Complete facilities, excellent service, and elegant ambiance are the main attractions of these hotels.

According to the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), there were 252 five-star hotels in Indonesia throughout 2023. These hotels are scattered across various provinces, and five provinces have the highest number of five-star hotels.

  1. Bali: The Undisputed Champion

At the forefront of this list is Bali, known as the province with the highest concentration of five-star hotels in Indonesia. Renowned for its breathtaking beaches, unique Hindu culture, and diverse array of attractions, Bali has long been a favorite destination for travelers. As a result, numerous five-star hotels have sprung up across the island.

In 2023, Bali boasted a total of 94 five-star hotels, comprising 37.3% of Indonesia’s total. Among the notable establishments are The St. Regis Bali Resort, Bulgari Resort Bali, and Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan.

  1. DKI Jakarta

Securing the second position is the capital province of DKI Jakarta, with an impressive count of 37 five-star hotels. As the nation’s capital, Jakarta serves as a primary destination for business travelers, diplomats, and international tourists alike. The high demand for luxury accommodations in Jakarta is fueled by the city’s bustling business activities, conferences, and prestigious events.

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  1. East Java

Taking the third spot is East Java, boasting 20 five-star hotels according to BPS data from 2023. Home to popular destinations like Surabaya, Malang, and Bromo, East Java attracts a steady stream of domestic and international tourists. The rising demand for luxury accommodations in East Java mirrors the region’s growing tourism and business sectors.

  1. West Java

Occupying the fourth position is West Java, with a total of 16 five-star hotels. Serving as a hub for economic, business, and tourism activities, West Java is home to cities like Bandung and Bogor, which draw both domestic and international visitors. The province’s thriving business scene, cultural events, and tourist attractions contribute to the demand for luxury accommodations.

  1. Central Java

Rounding up the top five is Central Java, boasting 14 five-star hotels. With its rich cultural heritage, historical sites, and stunning natural landscapes, Central Java attracts tourists to destinations such as Yogyakarta, Semarang, and Solo. The influx of visitors to the province drives the demand for luxury accommodations, including five-star hotels.

The presence of a significant number of five-star hotels in these provinces underscores their tourism potential and economic development. As Indonesia’s tourism industry continues to grow, the government must focus on infrastructure development, connectivity improvement, and environmental preservation to sustainably support this growth.

By doing so, Indonesia can further enhance its appeal as a premier travel destination and drive economic prosperity across the nation.