Thousands of Local and Foreign Tourists Flock to Bromo During Long Weekend

Bromo as one of top choice tourism destination
Bromo as one of top choice tourism destination

The allure of Indonesia’s natural wonders beckons travelers from far and wide, with myriad destinations to explore. Among these, the Bromo mountain region stands out as a favorite among both local and international tourists. Recently, during a long weekend, the area witnessed a surge in visitors, with thousands flocking to Bromo’s breathtaking landscapes.

Over the holiday weekend, spanning from Thursday to Sunday (9-12/5/2024), a staggering 12,793 tourists, both domestic and foreign, opted to experience the beauty of Mount Bromo. This influx reflects a notable increase in tourism activity, particularly during public holidays and weekends.

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Breaking down the numbers, quoted from detiktravel, Thursday (9/5/2024) saw a total of 3,822 visitors, including 3,746 domestic tourists and 76 international travelers. Friday (10/5/2024) welcomed 2,604 visitors, with 2,564 domestic tourists and 40 international visitors.

Saturday (11/5/2024) witnessed 2,748 tourists, comprising 2,623 domestic visitors and 125 international guests. Sunday (12/5/2024) saw the highest turnout, with 3,619 tourists, including 3,526 domestic travelers and 93 international visitors.

Septi Eka Wardani, Head of the Administrative Affairs Department at Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS), noted the significant uptick in tourist arrivals, particularly during the long weekend and weekends. This surge in visitors underscores the enduring appeal of Bromo as a premier destination.

“Increases were observed on Thursday, coinciding with the Ascension of Jesus Christ holiday, and on Sunday, reflecting the weekend rush,” stated Septi on Monday (13/5/2024).

Despite the surge in tourism, Septi emphasized the ongoing efforts of park authorities, in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, to maintain security and ensure the safety and comfort of visitors. Vigilance remains paramount to prevent any untoward incidents and preserve the serenity of Bromo’s natural environment.