5 Provinces Received ‘Red Report Cards’ from Jokowi during PPKM Level 4

Red Report Cards

President Joko Widodo highlighted the increasing Covid-19 case in several provinces outside Java and Bali. He said the upward trend had occurred over the last two weeks.

It noted that provinces outside Java and Bali contributed 13,200 cases or 34 percent of new cases nationally on July, 25. Meanwhile, as of August 6, 2021, it rose to 21,374 cases or 54 percent of the national cases.

“It seems that there has been a shift from Java-Bali to outside Java-Bali during the last two weeks the addition of new cases in provinces outside Java has continued to increase,” Jokowi said on the Presidential Secretariat Youtube channel, Saturday, August, 7.

Jokowi said there were five provinces highlighted. The five provinces faced high daily case spikes. The five provinces include East Kalimantan, North Sumatra, Papua, West Sumatra and Riau.

“Be careful last Friday, North Sumatra rose to 22,892, rose, Riau rose to 14,993, rose, West Sumatra also rose 14,712, which fell in the last two days, East Kalimantan and Papua. But be careful this always goes up and down,” he said.

As of August 5, there were 22,529 active cases in East Kalimantan. Then, North Sumatra with 21,876 active cases. Papua with 14,989 active cases. West Sumatra with 14,496 active cases, and Riau with 13,958 active cases.

Furthermore, Jokowi also highlighted the NTT Province which suddenly rose from 886 cases on August 1, 2021, to 3,598 cases on August 6, 2021. According to him, an increase like what happened in NTT must be responded to quickly.

“And what needs to be careful is NTT, I saw NTT carefully last week, August 1, NTT was still 886, August 1, August 2, 410 new cases, August 3 608 new cases, August 4 530, but look at on the 6th yesterday, 3,598, figures like this must be responded to quickly,” he said.

Regarding this, Jokowi asked all parties to be careful. He also asked the National Military of Indonesia (TNI) Commander to intensify testing and tracing.

“Response quickly. Because this is related to speed. Otherwise, people who have positive cases have gone everywhere, spread everywhere. Find them immediately,” he said.