Indonesia Has The Highest Active Covid-19 Cases in the Southeast Asia

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Statistical data from the Covid-19 Handling Task Force team recorded that active cases of the corona virus (Covid-19) reached 102,029 cases as of Saturday (19/12).

Central Java Province is the region with the highest active case records. Based on data from the Covid-19 Handling Task Force, as of last Friday, Central Java recorded 19,388 active cases.

This number makes Indonesia the country with the highest active corona cases in Southeast Asia.

Based on Worldometer’s statistical data, Malaysia has 15,294 active corona cases and Brunei Darussalam has zero active corona cases.

Meanwhile, Singapore and the Philippines have respectively 100 and 28,047 active coronavirus cases.

Thailand and Vietnam have recorded 247 and 107 active corona cases as of Sunday (20/12). Cambodia and Laos have respectively 17 and 5 active coronavirus cases.

And as many as 18,645 active corona cases were recorded in Myanmar.

In fact, in the scope of the Asian continent, Indonesia is in the fourth position with the most active cases. In the first position there is India with a total of 309,960 active cases out of a total of 10,005,850 positive cases.

Then, in second place there is Iran with 222,681 active cases from a total of 1,152,072 positive cases, and in third place is Turkey with 210,928 active cases out of a total of 1,982,090 positive cases.