New Geospatial Technology Can Transform Agribusiness Industry


New Geospatial Technology Can Transform Agribusiness Industry

Geographic Information System (GIS) can actually be used to support the operational activities of agribusiness companies. This technology is used to monitor plantation assets and infrastructure. Furthermore, it can optimize production costs.

Moreover, the use of GIS can provide real-time reports and warnings about potential land fires through location intelligence obtained from GIS

The purpose of using GIS is to help first responders and related institutions to mitigate fires.

Christanto Yanuar, Country Manager of Esri Indonesia, said that industry 4.0 has become a new industrial stage where digital technology innovations are emerging such as Smart Devices (IoT), AI, and Big Data.

By utilizing these new technologies, of course, agribusiness companies can advance their industrial sector to the next level.

Christanto explained, “In this digital era, the effectiveness of data utilization is highly dependent on the ability to manage, analyze, and use data appropriately.”

He argues, the push from the agricultural and plantation industries to create efficiency and productivity has opened up opportunities for smarter precision agriculture practices.

With a background in using it that it feels will be useful, Esri Indonesia, which is a provider of geospatial solutions, works closely with Ata Marie, a forestry and agribusiness consultant, to help organizations accelerate digital transformation.

Moreover, they will also try to improve business performance with the support of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Big Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence.

Going forward, Esri Indonesia and Ata Marie will focus on supporting the transformation of the plantation and agriculture industry, modernizing business, and at the same time supporting sustainable development.

Through this partnership, Ata Marie consumers will have access to the entire portfolio of Esri Indonesia GIS offerings and services. The use of GIS technology will also provide added value to Ata Marie’s business through data availability management solutions that can provide accurate information in solving various industry challenges.

This strategic collaboration will support the efficiency of various organizations in utilizing complex data and focusing more on analysis and insight to increase business value.

Moreover, by merging these two companies, it is hoped that the combined experience of the two companies will be created. The goal, of course, is to accelerate digital transformation in the agribusiness realm.