Minister of Health: Indonesia is Towards a Covid-19 Endemic

Indonesia is toward endemic Covid-19

The absence of an increase in Covid-19 cases over the past 12 months indicates that the pandemic in Indonesia is under control. Therefore, the Minister of Health (Menkes) Budi Gunadi Sadikin revealed that Indonesia is moving towards a Covid-19 endemic status.

“This year is the year we will shift from pandemic to endemic, we already have the framework,” he explained in a Hearing Meeting (RDP) with Commission IX DPR RI, Wednesday (8/2/2023).

Budi has also communicated with the World Health Organization (WHO) to discuss plans to change the status of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Later, WHO will conduct a review of the condition of Covid-19 in various countries in the world, especially the impact of the Corona Virus on death rates and hospitalization (hospital).

“If the number of hospital admissions, ICU admissions, and deaths is the same as for other infectious diseases, such as influenza, tuberculosis, malaria, and dengue fever, this means that this is in the category of ordinary infections,” said Budi.

According to him, if this is determined, WHO will likely revoke the status of Covid-19 as a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC).

Meanwhile, positive confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia as of Tuesday (7/2/2023), added 392. With these additions, the accumulation of cases of coronavirus infection to date is 6,731,696 cases.

The addition of Covid-19 cases today is the result of tracing through the examination of 32,773 specimens carried out using real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and rapid molecular tests (TCM) methods.

Furthermore, there have been 259 recovered cases of Covid-19. In total, up to now, 6,566,663 people have been declared cured. The number who died increased by 9 or becoming 160,847 people.

Data on the addition of positive cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia was published by the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) through its official website.