Pertamax Price Increase Causes Pertalite Consumption Soars up to 15 Percent


After the government officially raised the price of Pertamax Fuel Oil (BBM), PT Pertamina (Persero) through PT Pertamina Patra Niaga Subholding Commercial & Trading Pertamina revealed that there had been an increase in consumption of RON 90 or Pertalite fuel oil (BBM) in the community up to 10-15%.

It is known that the selling price of Ron 92 or Pertamax fuel oil is now Rp 12,500-Rp 13,000 per liter from the previous Rp 9,000 – Rp 9,400 per liter. With the surge in Pertalite consumption, will there be a shortage of this type of fuel?

President Director of PT Pertamina Patra Niaga Subholding Commercial & Trading Pertamina, Alfian Nasution said that the consumption level of Pertalite type fuel experienced a spike among the public. This happens considering that the disparity between Pertalite and Pertamax’s selling price is now quite far.

With this condition, he also predicts that there will be a decrease in the level of Pertamax consumption among the community by around 10-15%. However, he is optimistic that the incident will only be temporary.

“We predict that there will be a slight shift of 10-15 percent down, but we predict it will only decrease for a few months. We hope that it will be normal again for some Pertamax consumers, we will try to return to using Pertamax with special gifts and education programs. That’s what we will do to restore the 10-15% that fell,” he said at the CNBC Indonesia Energy Corner, Monday (4/4/2022).

The Executive Director of CORE Indonesia, Mohammad Faisal, previously assessed that the increase in Pertamax prices should be anticipated by the government. Bearing in mind, this will have an impact on the movement from Pertamax users to Pertalite.

Moreover, the price disparity between Pertamax and Pertalite is currently almost IDR 5,000 per liter. As is known, the price of Pertalite gasoline is currently still priced at Rp. 7,650 per liter.

Therefore, to anticipate the breakdown of the Pertalite fuel distribution quota this year, according to him, at least the government needs to increase the Pertalite quota until next December.

As is known, this year the government has set the Pertalite quota at 23.05 million kiloliters (kl).

He said, “The anticipation is that the government should reserve additional subsidies for Pertalite whose demand will increase, and ask Pertamina to increase the supply of Pertalite.”

Meanwhile, BPH Migas Committee Member, Saleh Abdurrahman, did not deny that the shift from Pertamax users to Pertalite had the potential to occur. Moreover, the selling price of the two fuel products has a large price gap.

Even so, he is optimistic, there are still many consumers who will continue to use Pertamax products, especially those who choose fuel quality because of their preference.