Indonesia Will Dominate 30 Percent of ASEAN Digital Economy by 2030

ASEAN countries

The world is changing to the digital realm, especially in economic sector. It makes the world’s economies switch to a digital economy, including Indonesia. Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Erick Thohir estimates that the value of Indonesia’s digital economy in 2030 will reach Rp 4,300 trillion. Compared to neighboring countries.

During the recent CNBC Indonesia Economic Outlook 2022 event, Erick assessed that the digital economy will grow eight times faster than economic growth. With this rate, in 2030 the value could reach Rp 4,300 trillion.

“This is a potential that must be considered in addition to natural resources,” said Erick.

“We are not anti-foreign but it is very important that we have an Indonesia roadmap, not a China roadmap, an American roadmap, but Indonesia,” said Erick.

Thus, he continued, job opportunities were created from digital economic investment. The estuary is the economic growth of Indonesia and the world.

Citing a collaboration report from Google, Temasek, and Bain & Co, the value of the digital economy in ASEAN in 2030 is estimated to reach US$ 1 trillion. Assuming US$ 1 is equal to Rp. 14,351 as the middle rate of Bank Indonesia (BI) on March 23, 2022, this value is equivalent to Rp. 14,351 trillion.

The value of Indonesia’s digital economy in 2030, according to Erick’s projection, is IDR 4,300 trillion. This means that Indonesia will control 29.96% or almost 30%. A very significant ‘cake’.

By 2030, the report by Google et al. states that internet penetration in ASEAN will reach 75% of the population. Eight out of 10 internet users have purchased an item at least once.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the report reveals there have been 60 million new digital consumers. Of these, 20 million joined in the first half of 2020. This brings the total digital consumers in ASEAN to 350 million.

In 2021, digital financial service transactions grew 9% compared to the previous year to US$ 707 billion. By 2025, its value is estimated at US$1.17 trillion.

Not only buying and selling, but digital financial services are also available in the form of savings and loans. Loan. Digitally in ASEAN in 2021, it will increase by 48 percent compared to 2020 to US$ 39 billion and in 2025 it is estimated at US$ 116 billion.

By seeing the massive growth of the digital economy, Erick Thohir asked the public to continue to innovate, create new things, so that the Indonesian economy becomes the strongest.