Tourism Actors in Tengger doing Vaccination Before Re-opens Tourism


The government continues to intensify vaccination programs in Indonesia, not least for tourism actors in the Mount Bromo area. 

The vaccination program for tourism actors in this area is carried out as a preparatory step before local tourism reopens.

The vaccination was carried out at the Pendopo Agung, Wonokitri Village, Tosari District, Pasuruan. The vaccination activity was opened at 8 AM Western Indonesian Time. Local residents vaccinated the first and second doses. 

Erick Frendriz, Chief of Pasuruan Police, said that his party would provide at least 350 doses. But unexpectedly, the enthusiasm of tourism actors to vaccinate is very high. 

“So far, 60 percent of more than 1,500 tourism actors have been vaccinated by the Pasuruan Regency Government, the Resort Police, and the 0819 Pasuruan Kodim,” he said via Jawapos.

Aji Susanto, one of the tourism actors in the Mount Bromo area, said that enthusiasm for vaccination is a form of their readiness if local tourism is reopened later.

As known, the pandemic has weakened the tourism sector and the actors in it have lost their livelihoods.

With the vaccination, tourism actors in the Mount Bromo area hope that the local tourism sector can be opened soon.