Tour to Bromo must be Purchased Use Online Tickets, How to Order?

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The Central Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (BBTNBTS) will reopen tourism activities on Mount Bromo starting Friday (25/8/2020) at 13.00 WIB.

There are several things that visitors need to pay attention to in order to return to travel, one of which is making bookings or purchasing tickets online. Visitors are required to purchase tickets online via the link. BBTNBTS requires all visitors to book online visits. During a pandemic, no direct or offline ticket sales service is provided.

Then, how do you order Bromo tickets online?

Looking at the official website for Booking Bromo Travel Online, here is a summary of the guide for ordering online travel tickets to Mount Bromo:

1. Open the Bromo online booking site

First thing

 all you have to do is visit the Bromo online booking site.

Then type the link Then, you will enter the main page of Bromo tourism online booking.

Select the text Booking Now to make online ticket bookings.

2. Complete the data by ticking the requirements

After clicking Book Now, you will arrive at the next page, which is the online booking requirement data entry page.

There is a display of the contents of the Bromo visit checklist and the approval form. You only need to complete the data by checking the data according to the checklist.

Note that you have read the requirements, namely showing proof of SMS for online booking for Bromo tours and bringing a copy of your valid KTP / KTM / Passport upon arrival at the location.

After reading, make sure you understand, agree to the terms and conditions that apply. Then click Register to go to the next stage.

3. Select the departure date

The next stage is to choose a departure date. You must fill in a registration form in the form of a tour departure date

This tourist location is a favorite tourist destination because of its natural panorama which has become a magnet for local and foreign tourists.

After filling in, pay attention to the booking confirmation in the form of online booking details starting from the number of members, time of visit, and the vehicle used.

The price you have to pay is already printed on the booking confirmation. If it is appropriate, you can click Submit to agree to all TNBTS terms and policies.

7. Check the virtual account number

The next stage, you can check the virtual account number. You can check it through the online booking website page.

Enter the booking code on the search page on the bromo online booking website or email the prospective chairman.

Next, make a payment with a virtual account. If payment is not made within 5 hours from the time of registration or booking, it will be forfeited.

8. Receive SMS and email

After making a payment, you receive an SMS and email proof of payment.

Save the payment SMS because it will be used as proof of payment at the location.

9. Check the booking status

You can check your booking status again by visiting the online booking website page. To do this, enter the booking code on the search page on the bromo online booking website. If it is successful, the booking status will be written Approved.