Take your Vaccination Proof Wherever You Go: Is It Effective or Discriminatory?

Vaccination Proof

There is a policy regarding residents in DKI Jakarta who are required to prove having been vaccinated with a vaccine certificate when they want to go or carry out activities. The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government asks that this rule must be obeyed.

DKI Jakarta residents are asked to attach vaccine certificates for activities such as:

Taking planes, Trains, and Buses

Everyone who travels during the Emergency PPKM period is required to attach a Covid-19 vaccine certificate as a requirement for traveling by plane, train, and bus.

In addition to the Covid-19 vaccine certificate, the public is required to show negative PCR results for airplane passengers and antigens for bus and train modes.

Go to Wedding Invitations

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government allows the wedding event during PPKM level 4 with some adjustments. The maximum number of guests is only 30 people and have a Corona vaccine certificate. In addition, the event is held maximum until 8 PM Western Indonesian Time.

Not only guests but also the entire family of the bride and groom and officers are required to be vaccinated.

Eat at an Outdoor Restaurant or Cafe

Employees and visitors are required to have vaccinated (proven by a vaccine certificate).

In addition, the capacity for visitors at outdoor restaurants and cafes is only allowed to be 25 percent and limited to a maximum meal time of 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, the dine-in service at outdoor cafes and restaurants is limited to 8 PM Western Indonesian Time.

Visiting Barbershops and Salons

This policy requires employees and visitors to have vaccinated as evidenced by a vaccine certificate.

Going to an Office

That is engaged in essential and critical sectors may only allow employees to work from the office (WFO) if they have been vaccinated against Corona. The regulation also states that the minimum requirement for workers to be injected with the first dose vaccine.

This regulation invites a response from the Greater Jakarta Ombudsman.

Teguh P. Nugroho, Head of the Greater Jakarta Ombudsman Representative, said that these policies were discriminatory for people who had not received the vaccine yet. He said that if the provincial government wants to implement this regulation, vaccinations should be provided in several sectors that require vaccines.

Meanwhile, the Head of the DKI Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Agency, Gumilar Ekalaya, said that the Covid-19 vaccination requirements for visitors and tourism businesses were not that difficult to do.

“We have applications (JAKI and PeduliLindungi) that make it easy for businesses and people to know or may not have a certificate of vaccine so that in our opinion is not that difficult to implement,” said Gumilar in a statement, Thursday (July, 29).