Hong Kong Enforces a 3-Week Quarantine Period for Foreign Tourists

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Hong Kong has extended the mandatory quarantine duration for almost all international tourists from two weeks to three weeks starting this Friday. This was done as a step to prevent the spread of the new, more contagious, variant of Covid-19.

The extension was carried out because experts said the incubation period for the new variant virus could be longer than 14 days for some people. Hence, tourists must undergo mandatory quarantine at designated hotels for three weeks.

Reported by AFP, the extension of the quarantine period is exempted for tourists from China, Macau and Taiwan. Tourists from the region are exempt from this new restriction.

Apart from extending the quarantine time, the Hong Kong government has also imposed a ban on people who have been in South Africa in the past 21 days from entering their territory.

The ban was carried out because a new variant of covid-19 which is believed to be more contagious has spread in South Africa.

For information, Hong Kong has banned flights from the UK as the discovery of a new variant of the corona virus in the country since Tuesday (22/12).

Health officials say two students from the UK who arrived in Hong Kong may have been infected by the new variant of COVID-19.