Ready to Welcome Christmas and New Year Holidays, Over 1 Million Train Tickets Have Been Sold Out

Ready to Welcome Christmas and New Year Holidays, Over 1 Million Train Tickets Have Been Sold Out
Ready to Welcome Christmas and New Year Holidays, Over 1 Million Train Tickets Have Been Sold Out

As the holiday season approaches, many individuals have eagerly planned their Christmas and New Year getaways, with train travel emerging as a popular choice. Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI), the country’s state-owned railway company, has reported the sale of over 1 million train tickets for the upcoming Christmas and New Year period of 2023/2024.

Joni Martinus, Vice President of Public Relations at KAI, disclosed that a total of 1,010,847 train tickets for the Nataru holiday season have already been purchased. This figure constitutes 36.77% of the overall available tickets, totaling 2.74 million for long-distance, medium-distance, and local train journeys.

The ticket availability is calculated based on an 18-day period spanning from December 21, 2023, to January 7, 2024. Joni stated on Wednesday, December 13, 2023, “1,010,847 tickets have been sold, accounting for 36.77% of the total available tickets, which amounts to 2,749,180 tickets.”

Breaking down the details, Joni highlighted that executive class tickets witnessed sales of 238,456 out of the total 834,042 available seats. Business class tickets amounted to 29,989 out of 126,968 available seats, while economy class tickets reached 742,402 out of a total capacity of 1,788,170 seats.

Despite the significant number of tickets sold for the Nataru season, a substantial number still remains available for purchase. Interested travelers can make reservations through the Access by KAI app, the website, and other official channels dedicated to train ticket reservations. Joni also emphasized the importance of planning holiday trips efficiently.

Preparations for the Christmas and New Year Transport (Nataru) are well underway, with KAI conducting inspections in various regions across Java Island to ensure readiness for the holiday season.

As reported by Bisnis, here is the list of the top 10 favorite trains during the Nataru holiday season:

  1. KA Airlangga (KA 235) from Surabaya Pasarturi to Pasar Senen: 24,075 tickets
  2. KA Airlangga (KA 236) from Pasar Senen to Surabaya Pasarturi: 23,424 tickets
  3. KA Bengawan (KA 246) from Pasar Senen to Purwosari: 19,210 tickets
  4. KA Bengawan (KA 245) from Purwosari to Pasar Senen: 19,086 tickets
  5. KA Kahuripan (KA 237) from Blitar to Kiaracondong: 17,713 tickets
  6. KA Sri Tanjung (KA 242) from Lempuyangan to Ketapang: 17,501 tickets
  7. KA Kahuripan (KA 238) from Kiaracondong to Blitar: 17,492 tickets
  8. KA Sri Tanjung (KA 241) from Ketapang to Lempuyangan: 16,950 tickets
  9. KA Probowangi (KA 266) from Ketapang to Surabaya Gubeng: 12,486 tickets
  10. KA Serayu (KA 251) from Purwokerto to Pasar Senen: 12,364 tickets.

The diverse choices cater to the preferences of travelers during the festive season, contributing to the overall excitement and anticipation of joyful journeys for those opting for train travel during the Christmas and New Year celebrations.