Pertamina’s Tanker Ship from Russia Was Intercepted by Greenpeace


The Pertamina Prime ship was intercepted by Greenpeace activists while sailing in Denmark. In fact, this incident occurred on Thursday last week but was recently reported by foreign media on Sunday (3/4).

The Pertamina Prime ship was carrying Russian oil to Denmark. However, Greenpeace organized action to call for a ban on imports of fossil fuels from Russia, following the attacks on Ukraine.

Subsequently, a dozen activists using kayaks and swimming in the water blocked the shipment. Two ships were targeted, and one of them was Pertamina Prime.

“At 11:00 (local time) activists began to blockade the Pertamina Prime supertanker, preventing another Seaoath vessel from approaching it and blocking oil shipments,” said Greenpeace spokeswoman Emma Oehlenschlager.

Activists are known to carry banners calling for “stop fueling the war”. Activists painted “The Fuel Oil War” on Pertamina Prime’s hull.

This is not the first time Greenpeace Denmark has done the same thing. In the last two weeks, several actions were indeed taken against Russian ships that carried out oil transfers.

“This is the first time we have managed to stop a shipment. In other cases, the tanker was diverted or accelerated”, said Oehlenschlager.

“They (the activists) will now maintain the blockade for as long as possible to ensure ships cannot get close to each other for transfers,” he said again urging a ban on imports from Russia by the Danish government.

Several local media are trying to ask Pertamina for an explanation regarding this blockade. However, as of this writing, no response has been received.