property sector
property sector

The property market is heading for a recovery and is getting more and more excited amid the pandemic. In the capital city, property trends are currently growing rapidly in West Jakarta.
“Right now, the most desirable properties are in the West Jakarta corridor,” said CEO of Property Excellent & Advisory F. Rach Suherman, Sunday (6/20/2021).
With the infrastructure and easy access to the airport, this area is predicted to grow rapidly. The East Corridor is full so now people are choosing to go West. The North side West Corridor that will grow rapidly. This is because the North side has faster access to the airport and has better infrastructure. From Karawaci to Serang, properties in this area will grow rapidly.
It is projected that the property market that will sell in the area ranges from Rp 400 million to Rp 1.2 billion. The price range, he said, is the most realistic for the West Jakarta location.

This opportunity was seized by developers, one of which was Lippo Karawaci. Lippo Karawaci also proves that the property market in West Jakarta is booming. Lippo sold its flagship properties in the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2021 in just a matter of hours. The Cendana Parc, which is located in the center of Lippo Village, was launched on June 5, 2021, all 460 units were sold out within 5 hours. The collaboration of two designers, Alex Bayu and Karl Princic, has succeeded in combining the harmony of nature and the urban lifestyle of millennials who are end users of Cendana Parc.