Jokowi: Stay Alert! Conditions Are Not Normal

President Jokowi

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) reminded his staff to be careful because difficult situations are hitting all countries. These situations occur in both developing and developed countries.

“Everything haunts all countries. Therefore, in managing this difficult situation, everyone must be careful. The policy must be careful. Don’t be mistaken, don’t be mistaken!” Jokowi stressed at the 2022 National Investment Coordination Meeting for Downstream Investment and Partnerships for Equitable Investment, Wednesday (30/11/2022).

This difficult situation was triggered by high inflation, slumping economic growth, the energy crisis, the food crisis to the financial crisis.

If something goes wrong, Jokowi ensures that the risk is high because the current conditions are not normal. This, he continued, applies to both fiscal and monetary policies.

“I continue to convey this because the situation is not in a normal state,” he added.

He believes the key to surviving at this time is even harder work. “We can’t work normally in abnormal circumstances. We can’t,” he said.

Jokowi also believes that 2023 will be even more difficult not only for Indonesia but for all countries. He estimates that next year, a global recession will approach.

Furthermore, Jokowi said that investment and investors are currently being fought over by all countries. This is because all countries want capital inflows.

“Because if there is no additional capital inflow, the velocity of money will not grow,” Jokowi said.

according to Jokowi, the key to dealing with all of this is that all parties must work even harder. Unable to work normally under abnormal circumstances.