Kura-Kura Bali Special Economic Zone Will Provide Luxury Tourism

Kura-Kura Bali Special Economic Zone Will Provide Luxury Tourism

The government is vigorously developing the Kura-Kura Bali Special Economic Zone (SEZ). This area is prepared to become international-class luxury tourism that can absorb up to IDR 477 trillion of state foreign exchange.

Kura-Kura Bali Special Economic Zone is the second SEZ on Bali Island after the Sanur SEZ was previously established by the government.

Kura-Kura Bali SEZ was recently approved at the KEK National Council Session to recommend its establishment through regulation.

This area will develop international-class luxury tourism activities which include the Integrated Marina Area, a center for excellence for education and tech park, as well as a lifestyle wellness center.

The Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto hopes that this economic area will complement the health economic zone in Sanur.

Therefore, Investment in the Kura-Kura Bali KEK is targeted at IDR 104.4 trillion and will be able to absorb 99,853 workers when it operates in its ultimate mode in 2052.

Airlangga hopes that with the development of this area, Bali’s economy will be more sustainable in dealing with future problems.

Bali is also expected to learn from the Covid-19 pandemic which caused Bali’s economy to be completely paralyzed. The SEZ’s existence is a form of transformation in a better direction.

For information, the SEZ, which is located on Serangan Island, Denpasar City, has a land area of around 498 hectares.

Later this SEZ is expected to be able to generate a cumulative foreign exchange of IDR 477 trillion in 2052, with a target of IDR 4.6 trillion in the first five years.