Bali’s Tourism Levy: Only 5,000 of 15,000 Daily Foreign Visitors Paying Up, How Come?

Pasar Seni Ubud, Bali

The implementation of Bali’s tourism levy has been underway since February. According to the Bali Provincial Tourism Office, the island welcomes an average of 15,000 foreign tourists per day. However, only around 5,000 tourists per day actually pay the tourism levy of Rp 150,000 or USD 10.

Ida Ayu Indah Yustikarini, the Head of Tourism Marketing at the Bali Provincial Tourism Office, has denied any issues with the implementation of the Bali’s tourism levy regulation. She mentioned that the tourism levy is a recent policy that requires more extensive awareness campaigns.

“Many tourists from various countries are still unaware of this regulation. So, we need to enhance our efforts to inform them,” stated Indah at the Bali International Convention Center (BICC) in Nusa Dua, South Kuta Badung, Bali, on Thursday (21/3/2024).

Indah has committed to intensifying awareness campaigns regarding the levy for foreign tourists. She acknowledged that the number of levy payments received at Bali’s I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport counters is considerably low. Approximately 90 percent of foreign tourists opt to pay the Rp 150,000 levy online.

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Indah elaborated that foreign tourists who haven’t paid the levy will receive verbal warnings. Following that, they will be encouraged to make the payment promptly.

The collection of the tourism levy since its implementation on February 14, 2024, has already reached Rp 34 billion. Indah stated that the funds will begin to be utilized starting in 2025.

“The mechanism for budget allocation is already in place, along with regulations and accountability. Currently, the funds are being collected in the Regional Revenue Management Agency (RKUD), specifically the Bali Provincial Revenue Agency. The allocation will be determined according to its designated purposes, managed by the Bali Provincial Development Planning Agency (Bapeda),” she explained.

The Bali Provincial Government aims to collect Rp 250 billion from the tourism levy in 2024. Indah highlighted that the collected funds will primarily be used for cultural preservation and environmental conservation efforts. The utilization of these funds will involve cooperation between the Bali Provincial Culture Office and the Bali Provincial Environmental and Forestry Office.