Automotive Production Causes Traffic Jam, Jokowi Suggests Strengthening Exports

Automotive Industry

National automotive production shows a significant increasing trend. This increase, according to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), is the cause of traffic jam in big cities in Indonesia. Therefore, he gave some encouragement to automotive entrepreneurs.

This information was revealed during Jokowi’s review of the 2023 Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) at the JIExpo Convention Center and Theater, on 16 February 2023

On that occasion, Jokowi emphasized that he was very happy that in 2022, the number of cars sold would reach 1.041 million, an increase of 18 percent. Motorcycle sales also reached 5.2 million motorcycle units. this figure shows that automotive production has grown tremendously.

Jokowi stated that this increase was indeed good from an economic perspective, but it also caused new problems, namely traffic jams.

Therefore, Jokowi encouraged the automotive industries to enter export markets. This transition, in addition to increasing the sale value, can also increase the country’s foreign exchange.

Apart from that, the government is pushing for a large ecosystem from upstream to downstream for electric cars, we will continue to encourage it to be connected with the development of industries related to EV batteries.

Furthermore, he stressed that even though he came to a car and motorcycle exhibition, it does not mean he only focuses on supporting private vehicles, because mass transportation must also continue to be developed.

“So that the names MRT, LRT, trains, fast trains, it becomes a necessity for big cities to integrate the modes of transportation within the city and from city to city, so that people do not tend to so-called private cars,” he said.

He reminded the public to prefer and support mass transportation over private vehicles.