The Second Toll Road in Bali Is Under Construction


Bali will soon have a second toll road after the Bali-Mandara, namely the Gilimanuk-Mengwi toll road with a road length of 96.8 km. This toll road will later have a motorcycle and bicycle lanes.

Currently, the construction is underway. Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono said this second toll road was built with an investment value of Rp 24.6 trillion and is targeted for completion by the end of 2025.

The Gilimanuk-Mengwi Toll Road is divided into 3 sections. Namely, Section 1 Gilimanuk-Pekutatan is 53.6 km long, Section 2 is Pekutatan-Soka is 24.3 km and Section 3 Soka-Mengwi is 18.9 km.

Basuki also said that the second toll road construction process still pays attention to local Balinese wisdom by avoiding holy places and building special two-wheeled lanes for bicycles and motorbikes.

“I am very happy because there will be lanes for motorcyclists and bicycles. This is one of our concerns for the social heritage in Bali so that you can quickly arrive at your destination safely while enjoying the natural beauty of Jembrana, Tabanan, and Badung,” Basuki said in a statement, quoted Monday (12/9/2022).

The Gilimanuk-Mengwi Toll Road will be built across 3 regencies, 13 sub-districts, and 58 villages. By empowering 4 Villages in Bali as integrated Rest Areas, each of which has a different concept, namely Jembrana which raises local wisdom.

Then Pekutatan which supports the international playground area. Then Soka with a rural concept as a place to rest, and Tabanan is a logistics center for distribution within the city.

Bali Governor I Wayan Koster said the construction of this toll road could improve connectivity between regencies in Bali and shorten the distance to the Denpasar area.

This toll road will be a solution to the problem of national arterial congestion and shorten the travel time to Denpasar, which initially took around 5-7 hours to around 1.5-2 hours. Also, according to Wayan Koster, the existence of the Gilimanuk-Mengwi Toll Road will have an impact on the Balinese people.

Head of the Toll Road Regulatory Agency Danang Parikesit, said that the Gilimanuk – Mengwi toll road will be equipped with a Multi-Lane Free Flow (MLFF) system, so transactions are not carried out through toll gates. However, it uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) which is integrated with smartphones and reads satellites.

“The plan is for a new system to be implemented on this toll road. So if later there is a toll gate, it will only serve as a marker. Not for carrying out transaction functions,” explained Danang.

Previously, Bali already had a beautiful toll road, namely the Bali-Mandara Toll Road. The toll road has even been beautified by the government to welcome the peak of the G20 Indonesia Summit in Bali, in November 2022.