Sarinah Thamrin Shopping Center, Jakarta, Finally Opens Today


The Sarinah shopping center, which is located on Jalan MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta, will start operating again today, Monday (21/3/2022). The mall finally opened after closing due to renovations since 2020.

“We are proud to present #TransformasiSarinah. A concrete movement for the development and support of cool local brands to realize the revival of the populist economy,” wrote the Instagram account @sarinahindonesia, Sunday (20/3/2022).

After a major renovation since 2020, Sarinah is back with the theme of a community mall which is expected to be a place for young people and communities to gather together. The manager claims that there will be many points provided as photo spots for visitors.

“Sarinah holds many memories that are now histories, such as the Soekarno Relief, the first escalator in Indonesia, and the Reflecting Pool,” said Sarinah’s manager in the post.

It was observed that several outlets on the ground floor had started operating, such as clothing stores and several restaurants. However, some outlets are still not open as well.

Furthermore, on the ground floor, there is also a photo exhibition that shows the track record of the Sarinah shopping center from the time it was built to its new appearance today. Up to the first floor using the escalator in the middle, visitors are immediately greeted by the Sarinah Department Store on the left side of the escalator.

Other outlets on the first floor include a cake shop, restaurant, and coffee shop. Open restaurants include franchise restaurants, Indonesian cuisine restaurants, and Japanese dishes.

On the first floor, the majority of outlets are filled with food products, but not all outlets are operational. Up to the second floor using the escalator in the middle, visitors are greeted with salon and spa outlets and restaurants. There are several restaurants, both Indonesian cuisine, Japanese cuisine, and European cuisine.

There were some visitors enjoying a meal at several restaurants. Up to the third floor using the escalator in the middle, there are still Sarinah outlets that offer a variety of products ranging from furniture, accessories, to souvenirs such as puppets, handicrafts from rattan and bamboo, as well as wall decorations.

However, the fourth floor was still closed. It is not yet known what the manager of the Sarinah shopping center on the fourth floor will sell.

The Sarinah is a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) that was founded in 1962 and is engaged in retail and trading.

The development of Sarinah was spearheaded by President Soekarno. Sarinah is present as the first modern shopping center in Indonesia.

Now Sarinah is back with the slogan “The Window of Indonesia” which is a space for creativity for the public to show domestic products.