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Employees Prefer WFO But with 1 Condition

WFO or WFH? After the pandemic, companies began to re-implement the Work from Office (WFO) system after previously more employees were Working from Home...

Java-Bali Enters PPKM Level 1, WFO Can Be 100 Percent

The government officially continues the implementation of restrictions on community activities throughout Indonesia starting today, Tuesday (7/6). This time, Java-Bali entered PPKM level 1....

The Government did Trial WFO 100% on Essential Workers

Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita, Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) targets two weeks of testing the Covid-19 health protocol in all essential industries, before implementing 100 percent...

The Ministry of Manpower Issues Rules for WFH, WFO, and Layoffs...

Covid-19 Pandemic force the government to act quickly in issuing new policies in various fields, one of which is the employment sector. As a...



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