The Government Conducts SBN Private Placement Again

Private Placement SBN

In the context of placing funds for the Voluntary Disclosure Program (PPS) or tax amnesty, the government will conduct a private placement transaction for Government Securities (SUN).

This news came from an official statement from the Directorate General of Financing and Risk Management (DJPPR) of the Ministry of Finance on Sunday (10/4/2022). The government offers 2 series of SUN for the private placement transaction.

The first series is FR0094 which is denominated in rupiah, with a fixed coupon type and semi-annual coupon payment.

The yield range offered in this series is from 5.7 percent – to 6 percent. This type of series will mature on January 15, 2028, or have a tenor of 6 years.

Next, the second series is USDFR0003 which is denominated in US dollars, with the types of coupons being fixed coupons and semi-annual coupon payments.

The yield range offered in this series is 3.25 – 3.65 percent. This type of series will mature on January 15, 2032, or have a tenor of 10 years.

Furthermore, the SUN private placement transaction for the placement of funds on PPS will be carried out on April 18, 2022, and the settlement will be on April 21, 2022.

Following the provisions in the Regulation of the Minister of Finance (PMK) number 196/PMK.03/2021, if the Taxpayer invests net assets in State Securities, it is carried out with three provisions.

The first provision is carried out through the Primary Dealer utilizing a private placement in the primary market with the terms and conditions stipulated by the Government.

Second, investment in Government Securities denominated in US dollars can only be made by Taxpayers who disclose assets in foreign currencies.

The third rule is that primary dealers are required to report transactions in Government Securities within the framework of the Voluntary Disclosure Program to the Directorate General of Taxes.

DJPPR said that the implementation of the private placement transaction was carried out based on PMK No. 51/2019, PMK No. 38/2020, and PMK No. 196/2021 concerning Procedures for Implementing PPS.