Beware of Ransomware Attacks!


Cybercrime is becoming more and more common, one of which is ransomware attacks. The ransomware phenomenon is currently experiencing a significant increase. This cybercrime locks the data on the computer so that it cannot be opened by the victim.

More specifically, as explained in idxchannel, it targets hardware to obtain valuable user information and encrypts everything it finds, then locks the files.

Ransomware cases increased by 64% in the past year, to be precise in July 2020-August 2021. More than half of malware attacks targeted businesses and companies. 

Then, what are the characteristics of our data affected by ransomware?

Quoted from idxchannel, ransomware can attack a computer by installing an infected flash drive or downloading something from a malicious website. It has the ability to spread to all devices on the same network. That is, if one of the computer devices is infected, it is possible that the laptop can also be infected.

Quoted from, to be free from ransomware, you can do these several ways:

Save important files and documents regularly to cloud storage and to an external hard drive. Do it regularly, for example, every week every month.

Ransomware often hides in email attachments and infected websites. Therefore, make sure of its contents and who the sender is. Not only email, but make sure all your social media are free of suspicious messages.

Not only in the form of messages, avoid visiting suspicious websites. If when you click a banner and an unexpected website appears, or a screen prompts you to download something, close the page immediately. The scheme is almost certain to infect your device.

In addition, regularly update the software on time to avoid this one malware attack. If possible, enable automatic updates to keep your software free from ransomware.