Don’t Miss Out! Rp1 Fare for LRT, MRT, and TransJakarta Only Today

The Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)

Do not miss out! TransJakarta, MRT, and LRT Extend Special Offer of Rp1 Fare for an Entire Day in Commemoration of DKI Jakarta Province’s 496th Anniversary.

In an announcement made by the DKI Jakarta Transportation Department, it was revealed that TransJakarta, MRT, and LRT would be implementing a special fare of Rp1 for a full day on Wednesday (22/6/2023) as part of the celebrations marking the 496th anniversary of DKI Jakarta Province.

The official Twitter account @dishubDKI_JKT quoted the following message: “In honor of Jakarta’s 496th anniversary, on June 22, 2023, #TemanDishub can celebrate Jakarta’s growth by utilizing TransJakarta, MRT, and LRT for the mere cost of 1 rupiah!”

Additionally, the DKI Jakarta Transportation Department affirmed that the Microtrans Service, TransJakarta Cares, and other TransJakarta assignment services, as well as the free services provided to specific communities as per DKI Jakarta Provincial Regulation Number 133 of 2018, which already have a fare of Rp0, will remain valid according to their existing fare structure.

Syafrin Liputo, the Head of the DKI Jakarta Transportation Department, explained that the Rp1 fare offer will be applicable throughout the day on June 22, 2023, from 00:00 to 23:59 WIB. However, passengers using public transportation are still required to tap their tickets at the passenger gates to deduct Rp1 from their electronic money balance and record the transaction within the system.

Regarding this implementation, Syafrin clarified, “Although in practice, we record it as Rp1 to ensure that one transaction is registered. Technically, it is free.”

Sheila Indira Maharshi, the Head of Corporate Secretary Division at PT LRT Jakarta, emphasized that the implementation of the Rp1 fare aligns with the policy set by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government through the Decree of the Head of DKI Jakarta Provincial Transportation Department e-0078 of 2023.

“As one of the public transportation operators serving the entire Jakarta community, LRT Jakarta fully supports the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government’s policy regarding the application of the Rp1 fare on LRT Jakarta on June 22, 2023,” Sheila stated in a press release on Tuesday (21/6/2023).

She further elaborated on the payment methods available to passengers, mentioning that they can use various Electronic Money Cards, such as JakLingko Card, JAK Card, Flazz, E-Money, Brizzi, and others. Moreover, passengers can also opt for digital payment options like LinkAja and JakLingko App, both of which can be easily downloaded onto their smartphones.

This exclusive fare arrangement, implemented on the occasion of the DKI Jakarta Anniversary, marks the second time it has been introduced on LRT Jakarta. Last year, more than 5,000 passengers enjoyed the convenience of traveling on LRT Jakarta at this reduced fare.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Effendi, the Director of Operations and Maintenance at PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda), shared that the implementation of this fare offer will be effective starting from the regular operational hours, commencing at 05:00 WIB and concluding at 24:00 WIB.