Get Ready, Analog Tv Broadcasts Will Be Turned Off in the East Java


The government will immediately continue the next phase of the Analog Switch Off (ASO) program by turning off analog TV broadcasts in the East Java region. The continuation of this program will be held on December 20.

The government is trying to accelerate digitization in Indonesia through various efforts, one of which is the migration of analog TV broadcasts to digital TV.

Several regions in Indonesia, such as DKI Jakarta, West Java, and many other areas have turned off analog broadcasts. This time, the East Java region will receive the ANO share.

“Broadcasting institutions have agreed to suspend analog broadcasts to digital TV broadcasts on December 20, 2022, at 24.00 for the East Java-1 region,” said the Director General of IKP of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Usman Kansong in his statement, Friday (9/12/2022).

The East Java Region-1 includes 10 Regencies/cities, here is the list:

  1. Pasuruan Regency
  2. Sidoarjo Regency
  3. Mojokerto Regency
  4. Jombang Regency
  5. Lamongan Regency
  6. Gresik Regency
  7. Bangkalan Regency
  8. Pasuruan City
  9. City of Mojokerto
  10. City of Surabaya

Kominfo welcomes the agreement and the commitment of the Electronics Association (Gabel) to ensure the availability of set-top boxes (STB) in the market at affordable prices. Gabel itself is an association of STB and digital TV vendors.

In the Analog Switch Off program, poor people are entitled to get STB devices for free. Usman explained that distribution in Jatim-1 had reached 100% before the death date of analog TV on December 20, 2022.

He also encouraged people in the East Java region who have analog TVs to equip them with STB. So when analog broadcasts are turned off in 11 days, you can already enjoy digital broadcasts.

“Kominfo encourages people in East Java 1 whose TVs are still analog to equip with STB from now on so that by the time of ASO December 2 2022 they are ready to enjoy digital TV broadcasts with clean pictures, clear sound, and sophisticated technology,” explained Usman.